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Lilin Kan – Edwaard is a professional, humble and patient Master with readings explained in English.Went to see him for Bazi reading, he goes through the ten year life cycles as well as a detailed month on month for next 12 months, focusing on career, wealth, health and relationship, as well as some advice on how to mitigate it. There’s no add-on selling of crystals or ornaments like some other Masters might do, which I like. Had a post discussion with him on certain religious matters and how it may affect the life outcome,which I find interesting and enlightening too. 感恩。

Susan Lee – Met Master Edward, he is soft-spoken, patient and explained the Bazi reading in a simple way for my easy understanding. Also surprised that he is able to identify the one particular year which I’ve went through. Now, I will be able to know how and what to focus on…printed materials were also given by Master Edward for easy reference.

Maddie – Edward was extremely helpful with my guests from Japan . His explanation was clear & detailed, my guests were very pleased with his service. Maybe it is fate – my last minute search for fortune teller  & Edward was able to attend to us the very next day. Thank you very much for the advise you have given us & if possible, it’s likely an annual meeting up.

Eleana Lim – Met up with Master Edward today, very insightful and detailed about my ba zhi reading. Highly recommend him to get your readings done if you are doubtful about your directions in life and wish to have some assurance.

Tan Huang Nam -It was an interesting & insightful meeting with Master Liu. He was able to provide broad & useful advice on different months & luck cycles, touching on aspects such as health, career, peer support, wealth, relationships etc. He was also able to pinpoint a particular harmful element that I must watch out for & this is confirmed with my personal historical evidence. Beyond Bazi, he offered some practical & good advice for life as well. Overall, it feels like a nice meeting with a kind friend.

Jonathan Tan – Just had a consultation with master edward. A sincere and humble man, he is soft spoken and polite. Received from him some words of caution and advice for different time of my life. The consultation went smoothly and he was patient and well prepared. His service even included providing me with a paper with time slot and he gave me time to note. I just found out that it is not a workday for him but he made an exception for me and a few others. Definitely will visit again. Thank you Master edward.

Kelvin Lim Chuan Ming – Very good and accurate Ba Zi master. Really feels that he cares about you and your succes. Will go back to him yearly

Jasline Marie Massadeg – Thanks for the reading for Gabriel and I! It opens my mind up with the analysis given. Accurate & makes me think twice about doing some things and concentrate on where it is needed. Will need you again when new flat is coming.. Check feng shui this time round!

Paul Lee Lim Chuan- Good Service. Accurate Bazi reading. Reasonable Price.

Ann Yew – Master Liu was accurate with my past reading, and I am motivated looking ahead of my next 40 years in life. He had mentioned the milestones in my lives as well as certain phase of my life stages that had create impact on the present me. Master Liu crafted his words with passion, sincerity, care and concern. Thus it was a pleasant session, and definitely instill my interest in taking a holistic approach towards living.

MikeWendy Koh – Thanks Edwaard for your professional Bazi analysis last week. I strongly recommend to those who are interested to find out more about themselves and also their future. Also got a crystal set from him and they really work. Managed to keep myself cool and was able to react to difficult situations / people better.

Maria Pressentin – Edwaard is a wonderful guidance master! he really knows his stuff and both myself and my friends that I recommended would always go back to him for guidance. He is so patient and caring, and does thorough follow ups to make sure all is well with his clients. Amazing! Thank you!

Jeffery Chin – Have a great Bazi analysis session with Edwaard on last thursday. Before I could comments anything about his saying, I personally felt that his analysis was already 80% accurate in term of my past and present. Besides, he also gave some advices on how to improve in some areas that I am weak at…. be it for my career, relationship or daily life. Needless to say, I bought a set of crystal that he designed to boost my energy level for my career. Thumb up for Edwaard! And definitely will recommend my frens to you. Cheer! =)

Daphne Fan WY – Edward, all the great comments are right about you. Your BaZi analysis is very accurate.

Trimm Integration, Wing – I was very impressed with Edwaard’s high accuracy in reflecting my personality & character, the past events that happened in my life…etc. This is the first time I have come across a service of BaZi analysis and I appreciate the professionalim of Edwaard as he is very patient to answer all my questions and giving me some advice for the future. Thanks Edwaard! – Wing

Yi Ting Goh – Edwaard was very patient with me and my many eclectic questions. His predictions are accurate thus far, and I will update accordingly if more predictions come true in the future. :) Unlike some Suan Ming (算命) people I’ve heard about/experienced who try to rush through the session and give really vague statements, he really pit in the effort to answer my questions as directly and in as much detail as possible. I also like that he gave some additional tips about energies and how to improve the spiritual space that surrounds me. Will definitely look him up for annual/bi-annual consultations. :D

Tina Dubrovnik – I was happy to get a bazi readying by Edwaard and although it wasn’t face to face it was seriously accurate and hellped me to make a step in the right direction, which i assumed before, but wasn’t sure. Thank you Edwaard, you’re an amazing person! I wish you all the best!

Clement Chio – Got my bazi reading done by Edward before. Suprisingly accurate!

Issaac Yeo - Decided to give Edward a try since he was the first friend I know who went into this field. (ba zi destiny analysis)First impression after the first half of the session was that he was accurately mapping out my past. The advice about the future is undeterminable at this moment, but one thing to note was that at least he do not try to sugarcoat the future and advice caution in critical moments of the past.Edward really strikes me as a modern professional at what many would deemed as an archaic profession. Will definitely further enlist his services as my life progresses.

Dorin Daryl Lee – Decided to let Edwaard do the bazi reading for myself. He didn’t rush through the entire explanation which I think is very good. Then I also had ample time to check with him on questions based on his advice. When I shared my experience with some of my friends, they were quite surprised that Edwaard’s services are priced very reasonably. =)

Ivy Seah – Thanks Edward for spending time to share with me this afternoon. I must say the analysis is pretty accurate in all aspects, including the past and the present. Your advice on my next step forward for the next coming year will be very useful to me, I will definitely keep them in mind.

Rayna Lock – Hi Edward, Thanks for taking the time to go through my report (bazi). It was indeed very very accurate. A little too accurate….haha. Good job!

Elis Chai – Edwaard, I must say the ba zhi you did for me is really accurate! I am experiencing a high traffic volume (for business) right now, and has to turn down some offer! You also mentioned that I will have gui ren (supporters)?? Indeed plenty!! All of them were so helpful and giving so many support!

Ley Shuang Chua : Edwaard’s ethical, trustworthy and HONEST. Why go to 2nd rate ‘readers’ and only hear what you want to hear when you can hear your life like it was/is/will be, wake up (a little or a lot, depending) and discover how you can change your destiny? Edwaard’s your man!

Chia Kian Pin – Hi, thanks and really appreciate your accurate analysis (bazi). It really help me in planning my next step ahead and keep me aware of what is upcoming. His straight forward approach with confidence allowed the client to be presence and create an environment for sharing. I would definitely recommend him to any of friends in needs. Thanks again.

Zeoane Goh – Hey edward, thanks for the analysis (ba zhi), it is a good indication at what’s going to come so that i can be aware of. He also provides pretty accurate hidden qualities, strengths, weaknesses for you to be aware of. I particularly like the overview of this year’s luck which every quarter, he highlighted what you mught want to take note of. It has been pretty true so far :)

Wyman Loke : Edwaard gives very precise details about your character, personality, health, directions, strengths and the kind of jobs you would best fit into. Most importantly, he highlights actions that you should caution or avoid. I would say that his analysis for me was 100% accurate! Will definately refer friends and customers to him

Kim Nguyen : I’ve had a number of life readings in my time, from Australia to Vietnam and I had noticed that most of them only “advised” me on the things that I should and should not do. But of course, anyone can do that, you don’t have to be a “fortune teller” to know what’s right from wrong. I find that edwaard’s analysis of what my past and current life entailed was very accurate, and very factual. He didn’t tell me what I should or should not do, rather he explained what I was, who I am, and who I will become. I have ans will highly recommend him to all my friends!

Emmeline Koh: Edwaard has the ability to go straight to the point and analyses what matters most. He keeps a high confidential in regards to clients’ reports and also answered all my questions thoroughly, entertained my ideas and very patient with all my enquiries. would be interested to find out more in the future.

Jeryllima Ang: Hey Edwaard! thank you so much for the consultation (bazi). I have very much clearer picture of the things that I should do and watch out for this year. And you have definitely pointed out somethings which happened in the past that I overlooked. I definitely can see how my life will unfold now because the vision that I have for my future is quite similar to what you described! =)

Benjamin Loh: Edwaard was very comprehensive in his reading and analysis. He shared with me facts about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. Certainly very excited to apply the recommendations that he has shared with me.

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