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2013 Water Snake Year Predictions and Analysis

The snake year starts 4th of February 2012 at 0031hrs.  This marks the first day of spring based on the Chinese Hsia calendar (also known as the Farmers’ calendar).

Here are the primary elements of the 2013 Snake Year.

癸  Yin Water         – heavenly stem

巳  Yin Fire (Snake) – earthly branch

Yin water heavenly stem

Yin water is like rain, mist or dew.

It represents rain in spring that can nourish live on earth. It represents gentleness and kindness. It represents openness and friendliness without discrimination. It represents taking a slow and calm approach towards matters.  This year the world may be may be taking a softer approach towards solving internal and international problems or conflicts.

Yin Water represents intelligence, research and seeking answers.  Potentially there could be more breakthroughs and discoveries in the field of science or innovative ideas and reforms

Yin water is like the morning dew that disappears in the presence of the afternoon sun. It is not enduring, making it prone to indecisiveness, fickleness and difficulty in making decisions. It represents pessimistic and emotional imbalance.  People will be likely to find making decisions difficult and would most probably adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

Yin fire earthly branch  (snake)

The Snake is the only reptile in the 12 zodiac signs.  It is cold-blooded and depends on the sun to warm it up. It crawls on its belly and it depends on stealth and surprise to catch its food. It may lie and hide for weeks at a time before it has its next meal. It does not waste its energy, it waits patiently for opportunities, it depends on its strong senses to survive.  It does not have the stamina for prolonged action but when it strikes, it is fast.

Above the Snake is Yin water. Visually it represents a snake in a misty and cloudy environment, resulting in the snake being cold and inactive. Hidden within the snake (Yin fire) are metal, fire and earth elements representing resources, wealth and authority respectively.

Slowdown in terms of economic growth is expected. It is better to wait for the right opportunity, and refrain from being rash in decision making or make unnecessary struggles. Institutions and companies are more careful to wait over this period; avoid big decisions especially relating to wealth and resource matters.  Be more patient when waiting for opportunities because striking without opportunities will just waste energy unnecessarily.

Putting the 2 elements together

癸  Yin Water         – heavenly stem

巳  Yin Fire (Snake) – earthly branch

The Snake on its own is a fire element. When water and snake (fire) comes together, the elements are fighting each other, or rather top (water) is controlling bottom (fire). Last year as predicted (Water Dragon), we witnessed many uprisings and rebellions in many countries. People were not happy with their governments in many countries. This year we will see governments trying to gain control of the people; it will not be easy as water and fire will have a direct conflict. It will however conflict “softer” compared to last year because both Yin water and Yin fire are gentler. The governments may reach out in a more “gentle” approach.

Bazi of the year 2013

People with problems in these areas need to take extra care: – kidney, bladder, womb, liver, gallbladder and bones.

For companies and individuals, opportunities for making money could decrease.  It is better to be more careful with expenditure; it is also not wise to engage in high risk investments. It is however better to focus on resources and assets.

For individuals, there is a tendency to be laid back.  It is a year that requires hard work in order to reap results. When dealing with superiors, one has to be more tactful to avoid conflicts. One should also be careful when dealing with legal matters to avoid unnecessary problems.

Married couples should be careful of peach blossom or romance problems as there could be more temptations.

This year it is better to focus on assets, and be mindful of unnecessary expenditure.

In 2013, property and oil prices are likely to increase; gold price may drop at the beginning and end period of the year. (Disclaimer: do not use this as the only guide for your investments, proper and detailed analysis should be conducted prior to investing).

Performances for the Different Industries


Banking and Finance industry – will perform slightly better than last year depending more on property loans for profitability.


Tour-related / shipping careers or industries – will face challenges in the snake year as demands are not as high.


Electrical and Electronic related careers or industry, Fashion and Beauty related career or industry, Departmental Store. Food Related career or industry – these industries will do well as it is a favorable element. Oil price may increase.


Medical related career or industry, Training and Teaching related career or industry – will face more challenges, especially smaller companies with limited cash flow.


Land and Estate Development career or industry, property, mining – will bring some prosperity to these industries

2013 Yearly Feng Shui Energies

Take note that inauspicious star 5 is at the central sector, do not any renovation to this sector in the house, if there is a need, you will need to select a suitable and auspicious date.

You can also read  on the effects, influences and remedy for the 2013 yearly Feng Shui energy.  It will share with you information on the other sectors.(password: snakeyear)

Other  things to note:

Whatever happens to you in 2013 will still depends on your birth chart, in a bad year, not everyone will suffer, in a good year, not everyone will prosper too. Your Bazi chart will be able to tell you more of what are the things you should watch out for or expect.

I wish you a prosperous Snake Year!

Written by Master Edwaard Liu

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